tattooed lady 2

Thanks for your input so far on online classes- it is really helping me think about the big picture as I am taking my class. I won’t be making any decisions for a while. And here is my next lady-

I watched a video tutorial about taking photos for your Etsy shop. The person talked about taking a photo of how the product will be used. That gave me the idea of taking a photo of her on the wall since that is how most people display them.

5 thoughts on “tattooed lady 2

  1. I love every detail of her – her shape, her hair detail, her face, the blue and white striped bottoms, plus her little red shoes. Bravo, Mimi, you’ve done it again!

  2. She is lovely! Something about her make me long for summer!
    I am really curious about how you have attached her to the wall in your photograph. I confess that I never imagined your dolls being displayed on walls, but the idea is fantastic!

  3. I never thought about how I would display one … although I covet most of them. :) I LOVE the idea of hanging them on the wall. And it’s a good idea to have that photo because it makes people like me imagine *even more* how amazing it would be to own one of your creations.

  4. Love your dolls! I just found you and am in love with all your work! Bravo This one is more than charming!!

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