coming next-

I pulled out my partially finished dolls and have them spread out on every surface of my studio right now. Dolls ahead!

Ladies on the desk-

Foxes and more ladies on the table-

Men on the ironing board-

and not quite sure what behind the sewing machine.

And, I have to confess, this isn’t even everything. I have other bins with partially started projects including dogs, kitties, lumberjacks, fish… time to get to work and find out who some of these characters are!

4 thoughts on “coming next-

  1. Heheheheee! I like seeing your work in progress. It’s nice to see someone else is a little—-how should I put it—-all over the place too. Wonderful to see how it develops.

  2. I love seeing your process as well as the product! So many new characters to meet. Then I remembered all the different clothing and accessories that will be needed for so many of these. You’re a wonder. Thank you!

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