I ended up at Honk last weekend. I’ve never been before. I knew it was going to happen, thought about going, figured I had way too much work I should be focusing on and forgot about it. But, I was out and about and decided to stop into a restaurant I’d want to try out and suddenly I was in the middle of it- Hurray for serendipity! I had no idea what I’d been missing!

Ben and I wandered around Davis Sq. for several hours on Saturday, watching a number of the bands perform. It was all so much sensory stimulation- I was exhausted! We returned for the parade on Sunday and this time I brought my camera.

All ages and all colors! Love the guy in plaid.

I am not sure I’ve ever seen so much hula hoop action in my life! This was just one of several groups.

Lots of politics mixed with music.

Even some really amazing embroidery!

I couldn’t get a good photo of this embroidery unfortunately-

Amazing art clothes-

Art instruments- can you see that that “thing” is made out of circular saw blades?

And amazing people- Definitely doll inspiration! I love her jacket and hair. She was beautiful.

I will try not to miss it again! We had so much fun and it was one of those events where I felt like I live in a wonderful place. Hurray for Honk!

3 thoughts on “Honk

  1. LOVE the What Cheer Brigade! I have a CD, but want to see in-person. I’ve followed that man-broiderer on Flickr for awhile now, too.

    So lucky for you to have seen all of that live. :)

  2. Wow! What fun! Music, bands, activism, costumes and theater!!!! Oh yeah, sounds like an awesome good time. Glad you serendipitously were able to catch it. Love the photos you took.

  3. My last two jobs in Boston coincided with HonkFest. A friend took me both times and I just loved it!

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