tattoo lady- stars and stripes

Another finished lady.

I put a tiny button on her back- so cute!

When you start down a path, you just never know where you will end up. Who would have ever thought when I started making dolls,

that I’d end up here!

What an amazing world!


18 thoughts on “tattoo lady- stars and stripes

  1. I first discovered your amazing dolls because I searched tatoo lady to find inspiration for my 4 year old daughter’s Halloween costume (she is named Lydia and will be Lydia the Tatooed Lady) my infant son is going as the strong man ( with a rattle painted as dumb bells!) so I have do been studying your awesome circus men.

  2. Mimi!! That is so great! fantastic spread!! And who knows…maybe that magazine will inspire a tattoo lady with a mohawk out of your studio. : )

  3. Mimi, what does the text on that page say? Can’t read it in the pic. Love your newest tattoo lady’s George Washington hairstyle.

  4. Oh, I love new Tattooed Lady. I’ve never seen this color of hair from you, Mimi. I like it. How fun to be in Ink Fashion Magazine. Yeah, it’s pretty funny and lots of fun. Hahahahaaaa!

  5. That is fantastic and I hope the mag spread brings in all kinds of new business for you!!

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