fox girl in blue

2:25:foxgirl12:25:foxgirl2She has a very soft cashmere scarf. Her dress is edged at the hem with baby rick rack.

2:25:foxgirl3The jacket is made from a fat quarter of a Japanese woven cotton. It has been in my stash for a long while, waiting for just the right combination of colors and patterns.

2:25:foxgirl4The snow is melting. Thank goodness yesterdays’ storm only added another inch or two. And it whitened everything up.


5 thoughts on “fox girl in blue

  1. Mimi, I love everything you do (obviously), but that coat and dress combination is delicious! It’s like I can imagine this foxy girl picking that outfit out and being very pleased with the figure she cuts through the woods.

  2. O my, this is a very sweet foxy girl !
    (her coat is really great) But, I also like
    the black kitty in the last post ;-)

  3. Wow, don’t know how I missed this beauty last week. Her jacket may be my favorite piece of clothing you have ever done! The jacket fabric is exquisite and the combination of that with the amazing blues in the dress is just gorgeous. Brava!

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