all the things, 2013!

Happy New Year everybody!

My dolls of 2013- 6 babies, 29 foxes, 1 musician,

mosaicde26ca3c5c42b5d3f6951043b0c81a69255c607bmosaic14d278b6a15e933cd21c7ae406c7f3ed8294a5aemosaic55d03b555c9d736eb1d032faac651f5ee8da1d6cmosaicca744dd9e0c52943a690d8b0ef6b02f906dae3a212 lumberjacks, 7 with tats, 17 tattooed men, 7 tattooed women, 29 fish, 18 owls, 2 kitties, 23 dogs, 11 of which were pugs. That is 144 dolls, the most I’ve ever made in a year!

And, 17 Tiny Worlds too!


13 thoughts on “all the things, 2013!

  1. I’ve loved all of them. I’m so glad I found your blog as I’ve truly enjoyed your work.

  2. I love these, Mimi! What a creative year you had. Here’s wishing you yet another wooly, creative year this year. I’m also hoping we can meet up sometime!

  3. I really like your work, especially the tattood men. In the book We Make Dolls! you say ‘every doll is a self-portrait’ I like that thought. Thank you for sharing your wonderful works of art.

  4. You’re an inspiration! I wish I could accomplish as much in a year! How do you do it? everything is so lovely too! Wishing you a fabulous and creative 2014! I’m also very happy to hear about your ornaments news!

  5. Hi Mimi,
    Your work is so full of joy, whimsy and original artistry that it never fails to make me smile :) and I agree with the others on the calendar idea.

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  7. An awesome display of your work!! Here’s hoping that 2014 is even better & more enjoyable than last year! A calendar would be a great idea!! All the best, Jarvie xo :)

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