Orange Kitty , Yellow Sweater

This kitty will not be blending in with the crowd! He’s popping!

9-14-kitty6 - 1 (1)

This kitty has the softest cashmere sweater. Perfect for petting. And look at that bright striped vest! I had fun dressing this kitty fellow.

9-14-kitty6 - 1 (4)

9-14-kitty6 - 1 (2)

9-14-kitty6 - 1

9-14-kitty6 - 1 (3)

eta- All the kitties are now in my etsy shop.

2 thoughts on “Orange Kitty , Yellow Sweater

  1. Adorable! Love his cashmere sweater – it looks so soft and buttery. His legs are a nice shape, too.
    By the way, kinda a bummer about Scribd charging ‘points’ for extra audiobooks. But I guess it is to be expected; nothing comes for free.

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