French Fox

I made a French Poodle back in March. I thought it’d be fun to make a French fox!

12-22-fox boy 2 - 1

He has a linen jacket that I made from reclaimed linen table napkins. The fabric is such a perfect worn blue-green.

He has a cigarette of course.

12-22-fox boy 2 - 2

12-22-fox boy 2 - 3

Under his jacket he’s wearing a navy blue and grey/white cashmere pull-over sweater.

12-22-fox boy 2 - 5

He has a kerchief in one pocket and a notebook in the other.

12-22-fox boy 2 - 6

His linen shopping bag has a baguette, some cheese, and a salami. Yummy lunch!

12-22-fox boy 2 - 7

12-22-fox boy 2 - 4

This is the last piece until after Christmas. Everything is in the shop. Happy Holidays everyone!

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