email conversations 1- why blog?

I’ve been having an email discussion with someone I’ve never met through one of my online doll groups. It has been an exercise for my brain…

about why I am blogging-
I am thinking a lot about connections… I worked in an Artist studio building for 11 years and then it burned down in 1999. Since then, I have been working at home. The real tragedy of the fire (for me) was the loss of community. I have found it to be irreplaceable. I have been searching ever since. One attempt to find a community has been my blog. So far it hasn’t generated anything, although I think it has been a useful tool for me- helps to have a place to record progress, and writing out ideas and thoughts help make me think more clearly. I am a bit writing phobic, so pushing myself is good. I tend to get WAY too isolated, working at home, alone. It is not good for me.

One thought on “email conversations 1- why blog?

  1. i’ve just begun to explore the vast web documentation of your work/art. i am amazed by how your dolls speak to me-you are great period that pretty much sums up what i want to say. You are great. And one good thing about your blog- the inspiration that you give! Thanks.

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