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BIG EXCITEMENT! I bought a used 930 Bernina sewing machine today from Ann’s Fabric in Canton. I don’t have it home yet- they are doing the maintenance, but I have the manual and all the attachments. So, here’s the problem- it came with 24 different presser feet. I have identified many of them, but the bunch in the picture are a mystery. I tried looking on-line (of course), but couldn’t match up any of the numbers- have they changed them in the last 20 years? So what are these for and how do I figure out how to use them?

This is what I got with the machine-
000- standard foot
007- zipper
016- embroidery
145- jeans
147- ?
152- button
158- ?
164- ?
168- ?
181- ?
285- darning
419- tailor tack
452- buttonhole
470- overlock
492- ?
508- gather (?)
513- ?
526- ?
528- ?
560- ?
also a more complicated button hole contraption
a walking foot
and a ruffler

if you can help me with any of these, please post in the comments. Thanks!

And the answer is…

Thanks so much for all the help! This is what I found out-

000- standard foot
007- zipper
016- embroidery
145- jeans
147- patchwork or open toe embroidery
152- button
158- pin tuck 5
164- pin tuck 9
168- rolled hem foot
181- clear applique
285- darning
419- tailor tack
452- buttonhole
470- overlock
492- blind hem or edge stitching
508- gather
513- looks the same as 000, or all purpose foot
526- pintuck 3
528- heavy cord, or bulky overlock ( i’m not sure this is right)
560- overlock

I got a lot of information about the feet at –

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  1. My extraordinarily helpful significant other took a look and sent his thoughts on to me. Now I copy-and-paste them on to you:

    She’s very lucky! Bernina machines are excellent. I worked in a costume shop with a whole bunch of 930 models– back when they were state-of-the-art :-) They’re still an excellent, versatile workhorse machine.

    As for the feet, it’s really difficult to tell for sure because the photo isn’t that great and some of the feet would be best defined by examining details on areas not visible in the photo like the bottom or front edges. But a couple of them jumped out at me right away. Here are my guesses and opinions; your mileage may vary:

    147 looks like some sort of patchwork or open embroidery foot. My guess is an open embroidery foot because patchwork feet usually had some notches on the sides of the feet for precise piecing (I don’t see notches but it’s hard to tell in the photo). Open embroidery feet have an open front on the foot which is meant to give better visibility while you’re doing detailed embroidery work. The toes of the foot are often shorter than a standard zigzag foot which allows for easier maneuvering and smoother stitching which is crucial for embroidery work. The embroidery foot often has a wedge-shaped indentation underneath which allows for turning curves easily and also allows satin stitches to glide without catching. It’s good for other things like appliqu

  2. Try Lily’s links to Bernina groups online. I once belonged to the Bernina 1630 group and they were amazingly helpful in getting information on this fabulous machine. I would bet there are 930 users who would do the same. Best wishes and congrats on your new Bernina; you will love it! hQ

  3. Congratulations on your 930. I have had 2 and now am ready to have it rebuilt. I can’t bear to part with it. I have a machine quilting service and I do it on domestic Berninas. 147 is an open toed embroidery foor for applique or doll making. The rest someone else has identified. Can’t think of 513, 526 and 560 off the top of my head, but I would suggest you order a manual for the machine and they will all be explained in there and how to use them. Should be able to order it from a Bernina dealer. Check Bernina online and they can identift everything easily.

  4. congrats on your purchase, I bought an old 1020 Bernina and was hooked LOL. It is still in perfect working order and now I also have an electronic 1630 which I love. Now as to the feet, it looks as if you have the numbers already, but there are some books out on how to use them . They are called Creative Feet (Bernina). Look in Google for places to see them. Good luck.Helen

  5. add to previous post, sorry I meant to put in Foot Book 1 & 2, the Creative Feet is just about some special feet . Ten lashes with wet noodle. That’s what happens when the brain is not fully awake. Helen

  6. I have my Mom’s Bernina 1020 and the walking foot isn’t working. I would love to find a used one. How would I go about that? Thank you for your wisdom. Margie

  7. Stumbled across your blog while doing a Google search for sewing machine feet. I’m wondering what 168 is too! Just found one in an old sewing box and have no idea.

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