I’m back with more stuff

The midwest trip was a success- Son #1 has figured out what he wants to do for college next year and that was the reason for going. I made sure he got where he needed to go, checked out the various colleges and met up with some old friends. That was the best part!
I also went to the Minneapolis Textile Center Garage Sale- I wish we had one of these in Boston!
I came home with a little bag of yarn- my favorite green colors-


an interesting fabric sample from Jack Lenor Larson and a packet of fabric bits-


2 silk Japanese kimono-type jackets (I don’t know what they are really called)


some bags of buckles and buttons-

buttons and buckles

and a pile of misc. stuff that was all in a shoebox for a dollar. I could see a few things I wanted so I just got the whole box.


I spent $13! I shoved everything into my suitcase to come home, and it must have looked very suspicious when it went through the x-ray scanner at the airport, ’cause they searched my suitcase. Oh well, the price of stopping at a great yard sale right before getting on an airplane!

Today a neighbor stopped by and gave me more goodies-

from mim

I’m feeling very lucky!

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