forest girl 3

I spent a bit of time on the embroidery on this one.

The closure is a pin so it can be moved.

The airy piece of fabric that I used for the cape/shawl is something I picked up all the way back here. It was a sample from designer Jack Lenor Larsen and is all wool.

I am putting some other photos of her in my Flickr photostream.

16 thoughts on “forest girl 3

  1. Every time I see a new one of your girls I want to make one. I have your pattern from PurlBee. They all look so sweet, and so full of personality. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These have all been wonderful! I feel like I could see them walking through the forest picking mushrooms and laughing arm in arm.

  3. I “see” a Sally Mavor touch here….Absolutely love these dolls! Fairy tale in the making….Baba Yaga….and the like. Thanks for sharing. So inspiring…..and beautiful….Enchantment?


  4. She is FABULOUS! I love seeing all your children spring from your imagination. Each is lovely and wonderful, but this one. . . oh, my.

    Way to go!

  5. Between the hair styles and clothing, these forest girls are such fun to watch as they emerge from your studio. My heart did an extra pitter-pat when I read that the cloak is made with Jack Lenor Larsen fabric … I had the honor of meeting him, studying with him for a day, in another lifetime. The weaving lifetime. Cool.

  6. Mimi, these new forest girls are just the best. I love the hair style. Will you be publishing instructions for this hair style? I want one of your dolls but just can’t afford it so I’ll have to make one.

  7. I am loving how wild these girls look. The hair has so much movement, from the color to the “locks”. And that shawl with the leaf closure! All the details are so wonderful.

  8. Mimi, I really like the eye detailing you are doing with these dolls. The dark detailing you are adding gives them such an interesting depth.

  9. i love that you are JUST NOW getting around to using supplies you purchased FIVE years ago…even better is that you remember exactly when and where you bought them…

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