I met up with some doll friends yesterday in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We had a great day going to some of the textile stores there. We went to Wrights Factory outlet, then to a shop that specializes in antique and vintage textiles. Unfortunately I don’t seem to know the name of the store! It was really great though! These photos are from that store-


dolls in a crib-

shop dolls

lots of buttons-


a wonderful picture- looks like a photo but up close it looked like a drawing- hmmm? I think she looks like an Izannah Walker doll-


We finished out our day at some quilting fabric shops. I managed to find lots of fabric I couldn’t resist.

The inspiration for the expedition was that the terrific doll maker, Susan Fosnot, was in town to do a workshop at the Wenham Museum. She is from the midwest where she has trouble finding the vintage textiles that she likes to use for her dolls. She stayed overnight with me. Here are some of her dolls that she showed me-

susan's dolls

We spent some time up in my studio pulling stuff out of bins and drawers. I gave her some fabric, but unfortunately, though I have tons of stuff I’d love to pass on, we both like the same stuff! I need to find people who need big buttons, 60’s fabrics and all the other stuff that I have that’s wonderful but I’ll never use. Speaking of which- I’ve put some more stuff on ebay. Vintage sewing patterns from the 50’s and 60’s. I have more, some from the 40’s, but I got sick of posting them, so I’ll do it another day.

5 thoughts on “expedition

  1. That is the coolest. Fosnot in your house! Love the Columbia pix and the pattern on that woman’s sweater. The first time I heard about the Wenham Museum was because I am a Claflin & Richards descendant. I only learned about the dolls last year.

    Congrats on the 1958 sale.

  2. Wow Mimi! Having Susan Fosnot spend the night in a dollmaker’s house is like having the President over in anyone else’s house. How very cool!

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