oops, late- interview Sunday

one day late! Here is week 4.

Week 3, week 2, week 1. One more segment left.

On Saturday, Ben and I drove down to Southbridge, Connecticut to go to an opening in this amazing building called the Flat Iron building-


It is a town where the store fronts look like they got caught and stuck somewhere around the middle of the last century. After the opening, we drove over to Sturbridge, Mass. and went to a favorite store of mine (I’ve blogged about it before in 2005 and 2006), Vintage and Antique Textiles. Since I was with Ben instead of a group of doll makers, my time to shop/explore was limited, but I managed to find some treasures. I love these tiny shoe buttons. They are glass.


I got some other buttons too, some rayon seam binding, hmm, oh, and some little lingerie hardware for future robots. I met the owner for the first time. She now has a website and asked me if I’d include a link- which I am happy to do. I’ll go back and add it to the old posts as well. She said to tell everyone that she has tons of lace!

And about the open studios- here is some more info.

9 thoughts on “oops, late- interview Sunday

  1. Only one more segment left?! Oh! I will have to savor it. I love these chats! LOL

    Great score on the buttons and things! Isn’t it funny about men? They just don’t understand how this takes hours!!!
    Unless you are with them in the hardware store or the DVD rental store!!!!

  2. Those shoe buttons are extremely sweet. Its one of those things that I might just want to have but not use! Buttons are something I’d like to stumble across more of but haven’t thus far – maybe this summer in my travels!

  3. I’m from a four generations button collecting family and have NEVER seen this particular shoe button before. You DID score. I’m a tad green, but glad they fell into hands that will put them to such good use.

    I’ve been on the road with back-to-back teaching gigs, and thus have not found time for blogging lately. This morning ~ reading, catching up, getting a big dose of your lovely work all at once ~ has been a real pleasure!

  4. I have the same problem my other half is supportive and came along to a fair with me. At the end of the day all he could say was ‘ you really can talk can’t you!’ it seems that we ( women? crafters?) talk a lot about everything to anyone who will listen! when I said that I was going to another vintage fair a few weeks later, he wished me well and sent me on my way and didn’t even call to find out what was taking me so long!
    Those little shoes are just so sweet. I am sure that there are a hundred things I could do with them but none that would do them justice.

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