doll club meeting

Lots of fun yesterday at doll club. I am now the vice-president (Ha! as much responsibility as any vice president) and I get to sit in the front in a nice chair. I missed the September meeting and so brought all the stuff I’d been working on since early June. Turned out to be a lot!


I also got to see one of the dolls from my workshop last summer, almost finished. I love it! Thanks Sue!


I am always amazed by the ways the internet wraps around the world. My daughter, Eleanor, who is in Cape Town for a Junior year abroad from college, was IMing with my husband, Ben this morning, in the Boston area. She pointed out that this blog, Puppetry News, had a photo of a church that is right around the corner from my house- which maybe doesn’t sound surprising except this is a blog of an African puppeteer who currently lives in Australia and was visiting the US.

Well, anyway- here is something else I’ve been thinking about- comments. I regularly read a fair number of blogs- probably around 100. Also, I have a group of contacts on Flickr whose work I regularly check out. I try to comment often, although I don’t do it enough. I notice that no matter how much I like something or want to comment on it, if there are already lots of comments, more then 10 say, I am very unlikely to add mine… somehow I feel intimidated, or like whatever I have to say has probably already been said. It leaves me feeling a tiny bit guilty for not doing my bit…

0 thoughts on “doll club meeting

  1. Love the pix! Congrats, VP.

    I feel comments guilt also. If I say everything I want to say, then I feel I have commented too much. When I don’t comment, I worry that the person may feel like I don’t like their item or idea (which isn’t the case at all). Perhaps there is a definitive guide somewhere.

    Commenting on blogs is so different than the interactivity of boards.

  2. Ha! I almost didn’t comment because Amanda said everything I was going to say! It’s nice to see you, Mimi! You wears the same serious expression as your dolls! You would probably hate me in real life- I smile almost all the time! Most annoying!

  3. Well, you KNOW I love your work and your dolls even if I don’t comment every time…right?

    Is that you in the photo?

    Love from your Cowgirl fan in Kansas..