deflated balloon

That was how I described my creative drive at the end of last January- one of the good things about blogging is the record of such things. Now I can chalk it up to a yearly cycle and feel as though I am making progress if I get back to my studio before the end of January!

Hard to believe, but I’ve been gardening- doing the fall clean-up that I never got to in the fall. It was 70 degrees outside yesterday- which is just too very strange for Boston. I guess I can’t use the too cold up in the attic excuse for not working.
A few things that the blogging world brought into my house over the Christmas season-


Shobana‘s wonderful knitting book- lots of inspiration in it. Knitting often gets me past a slump- I should start a project…

and this wonderful pin cushion from Betz White


I love pin cushions!

I was excited to see that Forest Rogers has a new blog. Her work is amazing, the faces especially. And beautiful photography.

So I’ve got a question- is this blog working better for you, oh reader? Are the photos showing up? Is it unbearably slow? Better then before or worse? It is better on my end, but I have to admit I don’t know how badly broken it has been… I kept finding new problems over the last 6 weeks. Feedback would be very helpful.

Some things I’d like to get to this coming year-

-write up and publish at LEAST one pattern.
-make cards, probably through cafepress shop
-go back and finish the many unfinished dolls sitting around my studio- they are all untouched since I showed them here and here. For the most part, they need clothes.
-teach a class- wool dolls
-more linking, more commenting, spend less money, make more dolls, go on a real vacation, laugh more, garden more, make a new friend, worry less… I’m sure there is more but that’s all for now.

12 thoughts on “deflated balloon

  1. your blog is looking fine and loading fast for me, I read it on Bloglines without any problems, pictures pop up quickly,
    I’m not game to list my ‘things’ for 2007, I haven’t finished the 2006 list yet!
    and I agree with you about Forest Rogers, a very talented lady

  2. Your blog looks good to me too. Pictures loading quickly and well. I haven’t tried any of your links today but I’ll let you know if I find any problems in the future. It’s important to find out from other people how our blogs look because we all use different servers and software.

  3. It sounds like you have a lot of plans buzzing around in your head!
    Oh how I WISH *squeezes eyes really tight* I could take your wool doll class. I just know that I would love it!
    And by-the-way, your site has been fine for me – I just miss the little face that used to peek out at us from the banner!

  4. I’d love to take your class if you do one, let us know! I’m in the area so I’d definitely sign up. And also if you print a pattern. I love your stuff. Let us know too when you will be doing a show again, I did see you at one in Cambridge before Christmas.

  5. Happy New Year Mimi!!! 70 degrees?!! that sounds wonderful and awful at the same time…it’s been crazy warm here too (well, not like Boston) but i worry about some of my perrenials not making through such a lazy winter. You have quite a list there! I want to take you doll-making class too :) and i (of course) look forward to seeing more of your finished work here over the year. also, all is fine again with your blog on my end too.

  6. Your blog looks good to me too. Pictures loaded for me well.
    I stumbled upon your blog from another blog name Soule Mama. I was wondering about the beatiful knitted/felted pin cushion you received.
    Where is the pattern from or is it one that your friend came up with?
    I would love to know.
    I am too far to ever enjoy your work in person but will keep checking back as I enjoyed looking and reading through your blog.

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  8. Hi Mimi,
    Backtracking from that incredible ‘bag doll’ (2/6/07 post), I came across your plan for ’07 to teach a class on wool dolls. Please consider my name on the mailing list for that!!! Your ‘bag doll’ is so so fabulous. I want her outfit for myself. The hair is amazing. And I love the shoes. The layering is so elegant — just lovely. Everyone has already said it all – just joining in with my 2-cents.

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