I am going to New York City tomorrow for a few days. I’ve been checking out various blog reports for where my favorite craft people went in the city. It is harder then I thought though- People don’t just have a link on their home page that says “My favorite New York Places”… hmmm, maybe I should do that! I’ve checked out Distressed’s New York resources list- very helpful. It has a lot of the same stores as the Threads Magazine list had, and unfortunately that list seems to have disappeared off the web. I also want to go to some of the Japanese bookstores mentioned here on Crafting Japanese. This morning I was reading mmm… coffee and she mentioned some places she liked (perfect timing!). I thought I’d try to check out Pearl River– looks fantastic. I still want to see if I can track down the Yarnstorm New York posts and anyone elses… including my own.

I am not getting any craft work done, so instead of a boring no picture post, here are some beautiful colors from my garden-

hay ferns


Graham Thomas rose


Abraham Darby rose

abraham darby 1

abraham darby bud

Wife of Bath Rose

pink 1

Betty Prior rose

pink 2

Scented geranium







green 1

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  1. that area of downtown around broadway has always been my favorite place to window-shop! i’m too late to recommend anything, but there’s also a Kate’s Paperie near Pearl River. and down on canal near Pearl Arts is this amazing plastics store full of well, plastics, but i used to go there to buy sticker paper in incredible patterns & colors. oh, New York! i will definitely work on a “favorite places in NYC” list for future trips!

    and gorgeous flowers, i wish that i could grow things. i try, but not successfully – i’ve even killed a spider plant! now that takes talent.

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