in body anyway… I am recovering from a week of running around. It always takes me some time to get back to work.

Right before I left for New York I ended up doing a quick project that I was really pleased with. I needed a bag to hold all my neccessary junk for the train. I found a bag that was just right, but it was a conference giveaway- my husband gets a lot of these. It had the name of the conference and the date in big, bright white letters stamped across the front. I tried painting over them with black acrylic paint- that didn’t work at all. And, then the bag looked worse. So, I did a total cover-up.


I found a piece of fabric I liked and cut it to cover the front. I cut out and ironed on some “Wonder-Under” -(2 sided iron-on adhesive) so that the adhesive was about 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. Oh, and also, I ironed down the edges about 1/2 inch- no raw edges showing. Then I ironed it in place onto the bag. Next, I put a little glue around the edge (I could have skipped this step if I was more careful in cutting and planning the wonder-under. Last, I stitched all the way around. Then, pack it up and off to NY!

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  1. Looks good. I don’t like ads on bags either. This would be a good way of removing that ‘walking billboard’ sensation.

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