Girls Night Out 2006

This Friday, all day! I’ll be there!


so… I’m getting everything organized, tagging and pricing.


I’ve got to pull out my bin with all my supplies. It’ll be a busy week, but mostly with the business end of things.

7 thoughts on “Girls Night Out 2006

  1. Good luck Mimi!

    I was wondering where you got the fabric tags made? I would love them for my felt hats. I loke the way yours look with your whole name and the scalloped edge.

  2. ah, my tags- very low tech. I have the name tape that my mom bought 40+ years ago when I went to camp. I sewed it onto a strip of 100% wool felt and then cut the edges with my scallop shears- good, expensive, Fiskar ones, not paper, scrapbooking ones. Those tags will go on the baby dolls that a child might actually play with :-)

    I’ll take a photo after I attach some.

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