We drove down to New York to see Eleanor at Sarah Lawrence College- she was part of a puppetry performance on campus, the Hoplite Diary. Here is a description from when it was performed another time.


I think a lot about dolls versus puppets. I am fascinated by the mechanics of puppets, how they are constructed, how they move, how they work with the puppeteers. I don’t seem to have any interest in narrative or performance though- that makes it an unlikely art form for me. I am not someone who writes up stories to go with my dolls like many doll artists do. I am interested in making a character that the viewer wonders about- Who is this? Then the viewer makes up their own story. I can have a story or idea about who they are, but I’m not telling!

Other news-


We had our first frost on Thursday night, right on schedule. It always seems to happen around the first weekend of November. I’ve been seeing lots of leaves that look like this-


and the paper bark maple is doing it’s beautiful fall shedding-

maple leaves

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  1. Yes, I know what you mean about not inventing a narrative. But if you make a doll like a puppet, others can give it a story.
    I think about this too.