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so are you seeing my new banner? So much better!

And, there is now a link in the sidebar to click on if you’d like to receive my blog postings by email. Good if you don’t use a blog reader of some sort. It works. I’ve tried it.

And on Friday I spent the morning hanging out with Abby of While She Naps. We have gotten together a few times before, but I am always amazed how great it is to see her in person, see her work and just chat about what we’re doing- sewing, blogging, etc.

I have had only wonderful experiences meeting up with fellow bloggers. It is so easy. There is not all the explaining to do… “what do you do? why would you do THAT! what is that blogging thing anyway? why would you do it? … So much of what makes meeting a new person hard/ weird/ scary for me- we’re already past that. We have connected through our blogs. I put myself out in the online world in a take it or leave it situation. If you don’t like what I’m doing, easy. Don’t come back. The people who are interested, stay. When I meet up with someone I’ve connected to through blogging, there is no need to prove that what I do is valid, interesting, art, worthwhile or anything. We have already gotten past that before we met. So, phew, one more thing I love about blogging!

Now, a question. When you click on a link in a posting, do you like a new page to open up or is that annoying? I like having a new page open up but what about you?

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  1. I’ve swiped a rule from Treehugger for my blog, and whenever I have an offsite link I precede it with “::” which on my site is fair warning that it’s going to open a new page. Usability-wise, I think “they” recommend not doing that, but hanging-onto-eyeball wise, well. And in these days of tabbed browsers, it’s not nearly as annoying as it once was.

    As for when I’m browsing, I have Firefox set up to *always* open offsite links in a new, backgrounded tab, personally. For me, that *is* more usable. I didn’t used to think so, when it opened up more browser windows, however.

  2. love the banner, looks so much more like the real you. i am so jealous of the get together with abby, what fun you two must have talking about dolls and stuffing and tools… and, for what it’s worth, i like a new page to open.

  3. so what’s going on in that photo? a little shin-dig with Doll/WSN creations?

    i agree about meeting blogging buddies…meeting you was so easy, so natural…and we already knew what we shared in common. :)

    i DO love the new banner…it’s all YOU…and i also prefer a new page to open.

  4. I prefer a new page.

    Just a note about your sidebar and it might just be my browser but its a problem I use to have with wordpress which is why I switched back to blogger – your links, pages etc. are all way below your posts. It something to do with the picture sizes vs column width.

    Love your work by the way:)

  5. I like a new window personally. Your new banner looks great. I haven’t met any bloggers, but I think what you said is so true. I always get the– “what do you make?” And for me because I am not as specific as you, I never know what to say. Um, aprons, fabric covered balls, pillows, and beanbags– huh?

  6. I am a new window person myself. It helps if I want to view it after I have finished with the blog itself, that’s me. Hey, I just recieved my parcel from Abby! I bought one of her collages via Etsy, small world hey. Speaking of small, I discovered recently that world famous blogger, Craftapalooza lives at the end of my street!!!! OMG. We haven’t met up yet because of my anxiety about venturing out but I am sure when I get the guts it will be great to meet up. Like you say, you both already know so much about each other and each other’s work and you don’t think you are a freak for blogging. :-)

  7. I love your banner. I think I might have to change my banner too. I have not been satisfied with any of the ones I have had so far.
    I like a seperate page too. There is one thing though with your new blog I am having to fill up my name,email,website everytime I want to comment. The previous one had an option where either you could tick it to remember or not as you wished.

  8. Oh, love the new banner!Very pretty!! And I’m definitely a new window/tab person. It annoys me when I’m reading a blog and have to back click if I click on an outside link.

    For viewing of your site, everything looks wonderful. :)

  9. I think new windows are good. If I want to keep reading the original page AND there are good links on the new one, I may never get back to where I started (and you want people to come back to your page!)

  10. The banner is to die for…and I prefer a new page, but wish there was a magic wand that could show you where you got that new page.

    When I’m blog jogging, I frequently find something new and wonderous and have no recollection of how I got there…

    Oh well, can’t have everything and just knowing where to find great blogs and wonderful people is enough for me.

    Jan in PA

  11. i agree about blogger friends, totally!
    i prefer a new page popping up, and keeping the original page.
    keep on the great work, mimi. cheers!

  12. I love the new banner Mimi! I like your newer style of felt dolls and robots, but I also missed your painted faces dolls. It’s nice to see them as part of the banner.

    I prefer a new window to open so that I can go back and look at the blog that I was reading. Otherwise sometimes there are so many interesting links that I have to remember to click back on my browser. Of course I use Firefox so it’s nice to have multiple tabs open. Makes web-browsing so much easier.

    I haven’t met anyone via blogs yet. But a new member to our doll club was excited to talk about some of the blogs that we visit. It was like meeting someone who had similar tastes in books or music. Always a nice thing.

  13. i know what you mean about meeting fellow bloggers :)
    wow for the banner and definitely like a new page then it is easier to get out of.


  14. The banner is just lovely – so rich with colour and … well sheer talent! I do like going to a new page through links – that’s the way to discover new things. Even if you aren’t into what you got sent to, it sometimes serves to show what a blogger you love is inspired by or whatever.

  15. I’ll be a dissenting voice – I don’t like links that open up in another window. It takes control away. If I want it opening in a new window, I just need to hold down an extra key to make it happen. If I want it in the same window – which happens because I feel I’m done with the original – opening a new window means I have to go back to the first window and close it. Further if it is in the same window, I can use my back button to see where I’ve been to get there: but not if I’ve closed it.

    Anyway, I don’t often read this blog, but I thought you might be interested to see the reasons why someone prefers the other way.

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