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We are having winter today-


It was cold in my studio, but it was cold everywhere else too, so I worked anyway.

Here is the one week update on my blanket project-117week1.jpg

technical information – I cast on 155 stitches with worsted weight wool. I am doing only garter stitch. I am using size 10.5 plastic circular needles, 29 inches long. It is about 50 inches wide and so far about 18″ long. It weighs 1/2 pound so far. My design- knit irregular rows (ie 3 or 5 rows of each color except when I run out of yarn), 2 shades of similar colors and a dark brown stripe between. The goal- use up what I already have.

I am working on Valentines with several thoughts in mind. I am thinking of doing the cafepress cards. And several galleries I know are having small works February Valentine’s themed shows- some for charity, some not. We’ll see where I end up going. These are similar to ones I’ve done before-


and here is an idea I’ve been playing with with the robots- sweetheart robots?


10 thoughts on “weather, update, projects

  1. I LOVE the robots, they are so awesome. I especially like the backgrounds, they are so appropriate.

  2. oh oh think I am going to visit someones etsy shop soon ;))

    love your cards and blanket.


  3. I was thinking of your work today as I was working on designing some little tiny quilt hangings. I was trying to sort of think ahead but instead found myself creating a dark, wintry scene (which is exactly where my world is right now!). How do you plan ahead ie, get your mind in “spring” mode?

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love the dolls you make. I was wondering if you could email me and tell me what brand sewing machine you use. I want to buy a new one and I am inspired by your work. I’m hoping a new machine will make my work look half as wonderful as yours. Thanks for your help

  5. We have been having some storms. Lots of high wind and rain. 2 Trees fell down in our garden and I didn’t even notice it LOL!
    Love those cards they are so colourful

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