doll gathering plan and misc.

Okay, I’ve got it all worked out. I am going to have the first gathering on July 28 at my house in Arlington. The second one will be on August 4 in Northboro, MA. If you expressed an interest, hopefully you have received an email from me with all the details. If you haven’t gotten the email, or you think you are interested but didn’t say anything before, email me at mimik(at)pobox(dot)com, or leave a comment with your email. I’ll send you the details and you can let me know if you’d like to be there.

Here is the bag that Eleanor made when she was home- isn’t it fantastic?! Blue stripe corduroy, Indonesian batik, brown piping.

My other tree peony is blooming now. Unfortunately it opened just in time for some really hot weather, so it won’t be blooming very long.

We have lots of Jack-in-the-Pulpits growing around our yard. I love them.


Yesterday morning, Ben and I went to the Arnold Arboretum. Lots of lilacs were blooming, although I never managed to get any picture that gets across how amazing a hillside covered in lilac looks.


Lot of the trees are not yet in leaf. Strange when the temperature was above 90 degrees!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone who has a holiday!

3 thoughts on “doll gathering plan and misc.

  1. Hi Mimi

    One of the places Luis liked most on his visits to Boston was the Arboreteum! We would go over to Jamaica Plain to Trader Joe´s and grab a wrap and go and picnic at the wonderful park!

    Good times ;)

    and thanks for offering but I did not buy the fabric in Boston…it is Portuguese.

    Eleanor´s bag is really fantastic…genes:D

    wish I could make it to your doll gathering.


  2. I was just thinking about the tragedy of our geography and how I would so love to take a class with you. When you go on national tour, the Bay Area is ready and waiting.

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