Paper Bag Swag- month 4

I’ve got Month 4 done of my paper bag swag project. You might be thinking that you haven’t seen one of these for a while- well, you are right. We had a one month “vacation”… ahem. Well, Amy and Ellia had good excuses. For the rest of us, not so much. It was just life, taxes, school, kids, travel, etc. Anyway, hopefully we are back on track. Theresa will keep us in line! Two more pages/months to go .

I was working on Cathy’s book this month. Her theme is inspiration, but I’ve got to tell you something- I just did what I felt like doing and then thought about how I could fit it into the theme… that is a real art confession. Of course, personal history and nature, very inspiring!

Playing with the idea of an old sepia tone photo in fabric-


The garden coming to life in April and May-


this says it all- Spring into Summertime, April into May-


I put a few more detail photos on Flickr-here, here and here.


And a side view. I’m going to have to find a big box for this!


Kristen, it’s going in the mail today!

had to add one more picture…


12 thoughts on “Paper Bag Swag- month 4

  1. The flower face page is just enchanting. I love the colors and the textures and how you have put it all together.

  2. Mimi, these are just beautiful! I really like the pattern and texture of the flowery scene. Superb.

  3. Oh wow love your bag swag beautiful! One can rarely catch the beauty of nature in camera accurately. But I can imagine how beautiful it must be.

  4. May I ask Mimi, what do you use to draw the face features on your baby postcards, etc.? Thanks.
    I love the flower “ladies” too – each face shows its own personality!

  5. ah ha!! sepia toned fabric…it makes so much sense why that fabric collage of the girls works so well. guess it should be obvious, but maybe my brain is on over-load…and you already know how i feel about the flowers page….didn’t really think it could be any better, then to hold it in my hands? sigh. it’s great mimi.

  6. Hi Mimi
    I bought ””boyfriend” last weekend in Boston. I love him and he is very quiet, perhaps waiting to see what kind of woman I really am.
    I joined and uploaded photos to flickr tonight just as you suggested. It was easy kindof and I look forward to more development of my work, quilts and dolls….. my blog with photos of my dolls is I really admire your wonderful work.

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