garden in early june

I took these photos over the weekend-

The tree peony flowered through the hot weather. There were so many buds this year that the blooming lasted longer then usual. The ones still blooming last weekend were on the lower branches. Also, this is the first time I remember the tree peony bloom time overlapping with the herbaceous peony.


The regular peonies are all in bloom right now-


the buds are wonderful!


Baptisia, or false indigo-


Gas plant (dictamnus)-


and the shady greens-


And the roses are starting! The garden seems to have been happy with our crazy winter weather because it is thriving now!

3 thoughts on “garden in early june

  1. Wow your garden looks beautiful. We too are having some crazy weather in England and the garden is loving it so far. We came back from Italy after a week and the garden is transformed into a see of colour.

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