doll gathering #1

I had fun and I think every one else did too! There were 8 plus me. Here is most of the group working away at my dining room table.

2 people made cats-


2 people worked on sweater babies and Jeri got hers finished!


And 2 people made swaddled babies-



2 worked on mermaids, but somehow I didn’t get photos- darn!

One fun part was that I got to meet 2 fellow bloggers, Lisa and Rebecca. Also, one of my local blog readers. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to really spend time talking to everyone- I spent most of my day running around.

It was hot and very humid, and then there would be a torrential downpour. It would cool off for a bit, then get dark, humid and rain again. A very strange weather day- perfect for making dolls. I would certainly do it again- I was very happy with how it went. If anyone is interested, I am doing it again next weekend in Northboro, Massachusetts.

11 thoughts on “doll gathering #1

  1. I’ve been admiring your work, and blog for a while now. Oh do I wish that I lived closer, this looks like too much fun. Sigh… though I grew up in Lexington, I now live in Portland Oregon.

  2. It looks like you guys had such fun – I’m sorry I had to miss it.

    Does Jeri still start every show and tell with with “Well, I’m not really a doll maker but I just finished these 7 from one woman’s pattern and this little ceramic doll and these two elaborate jointed cloth dolls and…” ??

  3. I wish I were there! Mass. is only 3 hours away … but a 2-year old makes it impossible this time around. Glad you are doing these groups.

  4. What a fantabulous day it was! Mimi is such a gracious hostess and teacher. If any of you other admirers can find a way to get to her next workshop, I highly recommend it. Isn’t it fun to see how each doll has its own personality, even though the same pattern was used? Thanks so much, Mimi.

  5. I love the swaddled babies. The remind me a bit of the Russian nesting dolls. Their faces are so adorable. I’d love to make one. Is there a pattern available?

  6. Why are these classes so far from me! I love the cats and the babies. I bet I would love the mermaids as well, hopefully they will send you a picture or 2.

  7. Hi Mimi,

    I love your dolls, and your blog. I am very interested in attending one of your doll workshops. I live in Easthampton (next to Northampton, north of Springfield), so I can definitely make it. Should I email you directly?


  8. i really did think i was going to make it to this…i had plans to join 10 girlfriends in Old Forge and it would have worked out perfectly to be at your doll making class before driving up. guess you can’t always plan on severe exhaustion taking over ones life…anyway…i can always pretend thats me in the blue top and khaki shorts :) there’s kind of a resemblance…wouldn’t you say? glad to hear it was a success!

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