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What a week!  I am so pleased to have sent off my fabric for Bitter Betty‘s swap.  And I have been cleaning up a storm in preparation for my workshop tomorrow.

When I got back from vacation last Saturday, there was a notice from the post office that I had a package from China.  I couldn’t imagine what it was.  When I went to get it on Monday, here is what I found-


Noah, the traveling gnome!  Mary has organized a trip around the world for this fellow- a Rosa Pomar gnome.  Shula knitted him a sweater when he was in Australia, but he must be dying of the heat now- it is hot and humid as anything here in Boston!  Next week, I will take him around Arlington for some photos and will post them on his Flickr site.

And sweet Elia has named me a-


Yep, ME- a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!  That has had this 50+ blogger smiling all week, every time I think about it.  This is a project started by Roberta– what a great idea!  Now I am suppose to name 5 people.  That is the hard part because it is always leaving out some totally fantastic people.  Eek, I tried and I just can’t do it right now- I will try again next week.
And speaking of 50 plus- next week is my birthday and I am going to give out some presents.  Let’s say 4 presents.  I’ll wrap up some of the fabric I printed and if I have any idea who you are, via a blog or flickr or something, I try to pick out some stuff from my stash that you’d like.  Leave me a comment or email me – mimik(at)  I will pick out my giftees at random next Thursday- Happy Birthday me!

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  1. You ARE a rockin’ girl, blogger or otherwise! I’ve always known that! Here is a big birthday ((((hug)))) for you! Wishing you many happy years to come.

  2. Happy Birthday to be ….

    Have to tell you that the Rocking blogger award is making the rounds of the animal blogs too .. my dog got a Rocking Guy Blogger award, LOL. I didn’t though – so I guess my dog is cooler than I am. :-)

  3. De-lurking myself to say Happy Birthday! Hope your next year is a great one.

    Thanks for sharing your work with all of us in the internet craft community. I know I’m not alone in finding inspiration from your art.

  4. Happy Birthday in advance, if I’m reading the post correctly? I love all of your fabric! If Noah doesn’t have a fixed agenda I’d be happy to show him around Seattle.

  5. hip hip hooray! I would love to meet you at your workshops, but I’m too far away! Have a nice birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday to you and to me…I will be 50 on 3rd August- a good week to be born obviously!

    I love the travelling gnome and hopefully he will have many more places to travel…maybe he needs a suitcase for all the clothes. lol.

    Keep on Rocking!

  7. Mimi,
    I’ve loved watching your fabric stamping process – what wonderful results. The smiling flowers and the hand prints are so lovely. Wishing you a very very happy birthday!
    All best,

  8. Wow! Happy Birthday! I hope your day was special! My b-day was on Tuesday but we’re having a celebration on Sunday (more time to party!). Of course, this means I get to celebrate every day till then! lol! Hope you do the same! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Mimi!!
    ALL your works Rock! ;-D
    I am a memberof VCD,
    and your creations are truly
    Hope you have another spectacular year!

    Dolly hugz,

  10. Happy happy birthday Mimi. Have a wonderful time till your next one and please keep making your wonderful dolls, I loooove them all especially your fairies. Thanks for a lovely blog full of wondrous eye candy,
    Diane L

  11. Happy Birthday! You have been such an inspiration to me! I love all of your work. I always enjoy seeing what new ideas you come up with.

  12. I get your newsletter and really enjoy seeing what you are working on… inspirational for me!
    I’m a greeting card designer/illustrator working at home here in Southern CA for 15+ years now and miss working with other creative types. Blogs are a really nice way for me to keep “tapped in”. “Watching” you doing what you love and others makes me continually want to do personal pleasure art away from what I do to earn income right now. Someday–just gotta start and relearn “for pleasure only”–not: “Maybe I can sell this!!”.

    Happy Birthday!


  13. A braziliam happy hug on your birthday, Mimi!
    Naked robot will never ever be forgotten. Either will the tikies. But I must tell you that I felt in love for the boyfriend guy I found at Etsy. Don’t let my husband know about that, but fact is that if there was a frog in front of me and I to kiss it, I would really like it to become him… You are the best!

  14. Happy Birthday–I’ve really enjoyed your newsletter and love sharing in your most recent obsessions! Keep up the good art!

  15. OMG!
    how the heck did I miss this!!!!

    Hapyy belated birthday and can I be put on your newletter list!

    hope you are well

    and thank goodness he arrived safely.

    have fun!


  16. I don’t have a blog yet but I hope to soon.

    Have a Happy Birthday – and eat lots of birthday cake.


  17. you ARE a rockin’ blogger…you were rightfully tagged with the title.

    as i lazed on the sofa that 2nd day of aug…i thought of you…i really did. i thought at least i can send an email…must be about the time i drifted off into slumber. anyway…belated birthday wishes to a dear friend…glad to know it was a happy day for you!!

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