another summer week

It was a rather hectic week with nothing really to report. I met up with someone that I connected with through the blog vine. We made initial contact when she wrote to me from Australia and now she is living in Arlington!

I did a fabric rescue- found homes for a carload of fabric that probably would have ended up in the dumpster- the idea that it would all be tossed makes me crazy (or crazier?) And, by giving the fabric away, I got to meet lots of interesting local people that I had never met before- everyone was so happy to be getting free fabric and I felt like I was doing a good service. Fun!

Saturday was the Recraft Fair. What a wonderful event. There was a good crowd and everyone was enthusiastic about what I’m doing. It is not just the people that take out their wallet and buy something. It is also people who talk to me and get excited about the work. It is the way people walk by and something on the table catches their eye and they smile or come over. Everybody seemed so cheerful and engaged. I came away feeling recharged by all the positive energy.

I have to admit that doing this sort of thing is way out of my comfort zone, so having it go well was a huge relief. I borrowed a tent- something about the tent makes it all look so much more professional. Here is a view looking in- photo by Ben-


and my view, looking out-


I was right next to the music. For the most part it was fine, even pleasant. At one point though, I thought my head was going to explode! Ahhh, too loud!!! I started to think “I am too old for this!” Thank goodness for husbands’ who say, “I’ll take over now- you go walk around”

Earlier in the week I took Noah down to the Boston Common. I am hoping to finish up with Noah’s summer vacation in Boston by the end of this week. Then I’ll post the photos to Flickr.

8 thoughts on “another summer week

  1. I recognize those ducks :) I saw them when I visited about 9 years ago. Glad the fair and the recent workshops have gone so well, Mimi. And that chance photo of the pedestrian mimicking the statue was amazing!

  2. Sometimes I miss doing fairs, shows etc. It is a lot of work but at the same time fun.
    It is fun to see scenes from Boston…the ducks are fun…did they like Noah?

  3. I love your work… very lovely! so glad i found your blog, since i just moved to the area myself… it’s great to know there are such talented people around.

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