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making up a title is always a challenge.

I have decided that I should start stuffing most of my dolls with wool- the whole earth friendly, biodegradable thing. It really isn’t a price issue- polyester-$3 a pound, wool- 5.25 a pound. So I ordered up 5 pounds. I bought this wool batt from West Earl Woolen Mill.  They don’t have a web site so you have to actually call them on the telephone- eek, so old-fashioned! (717-859-2241) I say, I’d like to order some wool for doll stuffing- they know just what I want. And I got a free calendar!

Okay now everybody, this is what I want- someone to invent/manufacture so I can buy it- recycled scrap wool stuffing. Just figure out a way to take scrap wool and chop or shred it up for us to use- come on now, people!


I’ve been working on some more tikis. They have been my carry around project for a while now, so they are going rather slowly. Here are 2 brown ones. I’ve also got a red one going.

And today, I’ve been working on ATCs- artist trading cards. I will be doing a swap with my etsy group- Boston Handmade. I haven’t made any in more then a year. It is great fun to get back into it. I am remembering why I liked them. They are like little doodles.

ATC- Work in progress. I’m loving how they look all together here on my ironing board.

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  1. Wow, that’s a fantastic price on the wool batting–do they ship as well? I’ve been buying my wool stuffing from waldorf websites where it ranges from 9.50 to 13.00 a pound, so I only use it for special things.

    I saw a website once where the woman stuffed her toys with yarn bits–I wonder if there is a way to get wool yarn ends from knitters and weavers?

    Those ATCs are just wonderful.

  2. I was over at Fairfield’s website today and saw that they have something called Nature-fill, it says:
    Environmentally friendly
    All Natural Fiberfill
    Made from annually renewable resources
    Process used in Poly-fil for superior resiliency
    Washable in projects

    Wonder what it is!

  3. I love the new tikis, Mimi.

    The wool stuffing from West Earl is the same thing you are buying from the Wadorf supply at twice the price, Donna. It is imported from Peru and processed at West Earl. I have been using it in my toys for year- they are really nice people.

    I am looking for organic wool stuffing if anyone has any ideas.

  4. Ohh! Thanks for the wool stuffing source. I’m crossing my fingers that they ship to Hawaii. Have you tried organic cotton stuffing? I bought some recently and I like how dense it stuffs but all the bits of rubbish bug me and I found myself wasting hours picking it out.

    Love the ATCs!

  5. Hey Mimi………I wanted to let you know about my friend, Paul. He’s a science teacher here in central Washington; but he has developed a machine for wool fiber reclamation. Apparently, its quite common in India and Italy for woollen garments to be shredded back down into fibers for reuse. Paul has developed a machine that does this and sells the fibers at an incredible price. ($2.35 a pound for mixed colors and $3.35 a pound for whites/creams). I’m using his wool in my Waldorf dolls and it works wonderfully. I do have to stuff firmly to avoid lumps….but I stuff firmly *anyway*. If you need a contact number/email…..lemme know.

  6. Lisa – I’d be REALLY interested in buying reclaimed fibers for stuffing. What a great idea. If you could pass along email address for your friend, that would be wonderful. Great tips for wool stuffing too – thanks!

  7. hello! stumbled on your lovely blog while trying to find a source for wool stuffing…your work is so fun :o) i’ve been hunting for stuffing from somewhere other than magic cabin and just ordered from west earl! it *was* a little funny calling up a place without seeing them online first! have a great day! :o)

  8. The wool reclamation guy’s name is Paul Dunster and you can get ahold of him at . Tell him you’re “friends” of Lisa’s :) He’s a really nice guy. Just don’t buy all my wool!!!!!! LOL

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  10. Thanks so much for the info on the wool stuffing! I tried to order some from Magic Cabin and they were out of stock. So now I am off to the telephone to make a call. :) Thanks again…

  11. Mimi, i just stumbled upon your blog…try Shepherd’s Dream Natural bedding. they have wool scraps for sale @$5/ lb now. I haven’t used those, but they has great reviews.

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  13. I just found this blog while searching for wool for my first doll. I called West Earl Woolen Mill and the lady was so very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. I ordered 5 # so I guess I subconsciously plan on making more than one doll. I would also like to know where to order the 3 inch stockinette for the doll heads. Surely some place other than Magic Cabin carries it. They seem to be out of stock on the pre-made heads.

  14. Here it is Feb. 2011 and I just stumbled upon this blog looking for wool. I called West Earl and ordered 3 lbs for $19.20. Thank you for sharing. Did anyone get around to trying the reclaimed wool from the Washington teacher? Wondering how that worked out.

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