Forest postcards






these are all approximately 4 x 6 inches- some as big as 4 1/4 x 6 1/4.  I am looking into having some printed cards in a Cafepress store-  I spent yesterday afternoon getting very frustrated with that… I guess I am spoiled by all the user friendly sites I use- flickr and etsy are pretty understandable to me.

Two of these are spoken for already.  I will be getting these into my etsy shop in a bit, or you can email me- mimik(at)pobox(dot)com.

16 thoughts on “Forest postcards

  1. These are even more inspiring than the cards you offered around Valentine’s Day (which I love and will never part with)! Is your desire to use cafepress motivated by reducing logistics efforts on your part? I find they print pretty well on card stock and ceramics, but the results on fabric (full color on one T-shirt and one canvas tote bag) left me very dismayed.

  2. Mimi, these are so beautiful! I love the faces. Your continued exploration and pushing your work into new directions has been very inspiring for me, thankyou for sharing.

  3. LOVE all your fabric post cards!!! They all have such a wonderful “foresty” feel to them… great faces…

  4. I love these, Mimi. Very calm and soothing. Lovely images to see at the end of a stressful week. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Hi Mimi,

    Have you ever thought of doing characters/images for a tarot deck? I’m an Art Director at US Games (a Tarot Card publisher)–and I LOVE your stuff!

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