more ladies

Two more ladies done. I’ve posted a group shot over on flickr.


I’m rather liking this ruffle-edged suit jacket-


And this lady below has a hat that was inspired by someone I saw when I went to pick up my husband at the subway.


Here is what is next- babies, and random hands and legs for more lady dolls.

And the garden… puff of fluff. Butterfly weed is in the same family as milkweed and it is obvious at this time of year.


These chrysanthemums are the last flowers to bloom in my garden. I think they are called “Clara Curtis”.


7 thoughts on “more ladies

  1. I love your babies! Have you started stuffing them with wool? I’ve stuffed some dolls with it and I’m really pleased with the way the doll warms up when it is held.

  2. What a beautiful ladies and babies!!
    Your postcard is here and it’s even more beautiful than in the pictures!! Thank you very much!

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