sky baby

Yesterday, I thought this doll was done. Then, it woke me up in the middle of the night and told me no, I need something more…  This morning I added some stitching around the face and clouds. Better.


I have always loved nasturtiums. I can hardly believe they are still looking so good in the garden.


side and back-


and a little aside- I know that was probably about the lamest tutorial ever yesterday, but I am really liking my new needle strip!

8 thoughts on “sky baby

  1. The stitching around the face is awesome. I love how it looks. Your tutorial was awesome. I was actually impressed with your idea of tightly binding the felt. I’ve struggled with willy-nilly, milktoast pin cushions and the multi-layered felt is a great idea for keeping your needles sticking out (as opposed to buried in your cushion).

  2. oh my! I love love love it, yes I agree with her the stitching just made it “so”. Your work is amazing and I just wish I could squeeze them all in real life.

    When I was little I used to like sandwiches made with a nasturtium leaf and hundred and thousands, oh and some vegemite! They are such a beautiful plant.

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