Thanksgiving in Chicago

I will be in Chicago during the week of Thanksgiving.  I’d love any recommendations for great places to go and see- especially galleries, thrift shops, restaurants… I will be staying in Andersonville area.  And, of course, if anyone wants to meet up… email me at mimik(at)pobox(dot)com.

This is what I did last time I was in Chicago, in August 2006.

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  1. I found this fabric/notions warehouse on another blog — sounds worth looking for:


    Have a safe trip and a good time. If you find out anything promising, pass it on. My in-laws are in the Chicago area now, so I’ll be out there, too, eventually.

  2. Ann Sather for breakfast is a must when in Andersonville. A long time ago there used to be a big thrift shop on the west side of Clark Street in the heart of Andersonville. The upstairs was regular thrift, but if you went to the desk and asked they would let you go in the basement. It was FULL of amazing vintage clothes. We used to go in high school in the 80’s and buy dresses for dances. I haven’t been to that area in about 9 years so I don’t know how much it had changed.

  3. Mimi, I had a great weekend in Chicago in September, the Art Institute of Chicago is a must – choc full of wonderful art. The Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright was impressive, a walk through millenium park and “The Bean” also worth it. Have a great time. Will catch up with you soon.

  4. Hi –
    There’s a fantastic resale shop called The Brown Elephant. There are two locations:
    3651 N Halsted
    11:00 AM – 6:00 PM / every day

    5404 N. Clark
    11:00 AM – 6:00 PM / every day

    The one on Clark is just north of Foster, so it’s right where you’re staying. Both are worth a visit. I’ve bought bolts of fabric at the one on Halstead. It’s huge. There’s another on Milwaukee Ave somewhere, too.

    There’s the Architectural salvage place that’s near the Ravenswood tracks near the viaduct. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you where it is. It’s really really cool, even if you’re not interested in buying. I also really like the Hop Leaf across from Ann Sather’s.

    There’s also Caravan Beads,
    on Lincoln just south of Addison (3361 N Lincloln) if you like beads. That’s a bit south of the nieghborhood, but great.

    I would highly reccomend Yakzee’s on Clark across from Wrigley Field. Pretty good thin crust pizza in general, but they also have a chicken tangy pizza that’s really good and unique. Not your typical Chicago Za, though.

    Jeeze, this is making me homesick! Enjoy yourselves!!

  5. Mimi, if you are coming to Chicago I would really like to meet you. I also suggest you might like to visit the International Bead shop in the loop downtown in the Garland Bld. on Wabash. My phone is 708-743-7451 if you would like to call me to make a date. I’m from Doll Street Dreamers and have written you before and bought some cards for my sister from your ETSY store.
    Connie Turner

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