water baby

I am getting a little behind in my posting… I work on several things at a time, so sometimes more then one gets finished in a short period. I’ve been working on 4 swaddled babies. One has got me frustrated so it has been put aside. I finished this water baby last night.


side and back views-



These goldfish are cut from some wool that I dyed a while back- I love finding just the right place to use something I’ve dyed.

This water design seems very different from what I’ve been doing with these babies up until now- it is a less realistic look; not the wrapped up in a baby blanket look that I’ve done before. I spent some time last night pondering if I was okay with it… well, I am! The group of babies I am working on now are going in this direction.

4 thoughts on “water baby

  1. I just love these baby-dolls. I found you through your crafty pod interview and waited until it was over to come and look at your work. Wow, I don’t know what I was expecting but this wasn’t it, this is so much better. I know you said people had a hard time with the defination of your work as dolls and now I understand why. I had though for some reason that the bodies and faces were hard (perhaps brought over from your days in ceramics) but these are so cool. Anyways, I’ve also added you as a flickr friend. I’m a weaver, crafter, knitter etc and I’ll be checking back to see your work and your photo’s. Best to you!
    Heather aka we98bees or webees

  2. I just love the little fishes.
    These babies of yours are such sweet little things their faces are gorgeous.
    Love coming here to check out your beautiful work and am looking forward to seeing the rest of your Water Babies.

  3. Hi, Mimi — just chrcking your blog. I LOVE the waeer baby and the sky babies and wish I were a baby who was given! I love the gingko leaves too. Think I’ll walk over right now and look at our school tree. Best, Jane

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