2 circus tattooed men


I’ve got 2 finished.  Short days and rainy weather makes photographing them a challenge.  Also, they look lumpy in places in the photograph that look fine in real life- the realities and hardships of being a model!
117tattoo2.jpg 117tattoo1.jpg

I took a different approach to the hair this time- I’m thinking about pompadours.



and chins- I’m having fun with those, too.

16 thoughts on “2 circus tattooed men

  1. Wow Mimi! These guys are great. I like their hair and their faces with chins and big eyebrows. They remind me of the tattooed men I saw at the circus in Chicago 35 years ago….I want to put belts on these guys for some reason. Big gold belts. Must be an old memory. :)

  2. Wonderful! I really love how you did the hair. I want to say the black hair is my favorite, but they are both so great. I’m totally in love with the black haired fellow’s face. That mustache is amazing. :)

  3. and nipples! don’t forget the great nipples! and you got the feet perfect this time, oh I love love love them and the hair is just fab!

  4. Will you know that I am complimenting you when I tell you that these circus men are like the very best outsider art brought into a 3-D form? I love the pompadour!

  5. I love these so much and would love to own acouple are they for sale or can I commission you to make them for me?

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