atc, wip and some Chicago notes

I needed to make some more of these school picture atc’s. I’ve been thinking about boys, which I pretty much left out of the last batch, and glasses.

They should be done by tomorrow. I hope to post them and also the 2 moustached tattooed guys to Etsy tomorrow.

A story from when I was in Chicago for Thanksgiving- I was walking around in the neighborhood where my daughter lives. Down a side street, I saw an awning that said Toy Gallery. I got SO excited- a Gallery! for Toys! I rushed over to get a better look. It was a sex toy store… I still cannot believe how disappointed I was! I think in the nanosecond between seeing the sign and figuring out what the place actually was selling, I had developed a whole fantasy of what would be there- my fantasy best ever art gallery. Oh well… it amuses me every time I think about my reaction.

I had the pleasure of visiting Danny Mansmiths studio while I was there. I didn’t take any photos because he is always posting great pics of his studio at his flickrstream. I kept him away from his sewing machine for an hour or so- it was so much fun to see everything close-up and get to see the textures and layers of the fabric and the sewing. And gab.

I also connected with Brandy for a second… she was participating in a craft fair on the day we flew in. I really wanted to meet her so I went over. But, of course, meeting someone when they are at their booth at a craft fair isn’t exactly ideal conditions for craft/blog/get-to-know-someone-better talk. It is great for getting to see a bunch of someone’s artwork though, so that was wonderful!

We have had unusually wintery weather since Thanksgiving.  Right now everything is coated with a glaze of ice.

the boxwood-


and alyssum-



5 thoughts on “atc, wip and some Chicago notes

  1. Oh…THAT kind of toy store! What a hoot…you had me howling, especially when you said you had fantasies!!!

    Thanks for the grin and happy holidays!

  2. Oooh, I love Danny Mansmith’s work – I saw went to a Textile show a few months ago at Artstream in NH, and he had done a huge amount of work for the show. Amazing textures!

    The toy store story made me chuckle. I probably would have thought the same thing!

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