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  1. i’ve already been to flickr…but still just can’t get over that beard!! the profile photo in the earlier post really shows it off well.

    hope this isn’t the end of the tattooed men!

  2. i really REALLY love these dolls! you’ve done a really great job with them. i can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Those tattood man are so wonderful, at first I didn’t like them very much, I found them too ‘male’ (sorry to say that). But you work in such detail and with such love on your dolls, that I start to appreciate every detail of them! They are indeed very masculine , but with the colours of their trousers and their gentil little shoes, they look so elegant at the same time. You’ve done (again) a wonderfull job!
    I still have had no time to try out the little decorations (I’ve had my first craft fair this weekend!) from your turorial, but I surely will before christmas!! And me, I’ve written a tutorial too: Wine wings (what is that??!), you can find it on the right side on my blog).

    oh yes, and the one with the beard looks like a Belgian fashion designer(http://www.waltervanbeirendonck.com)!! You should let him know about your artsy doll that looks just like him!!

  4. oh, my goodness! these are so wonderful and clever. i really hope the raven-haired, mustachioed gentleman is still at craftland when i go this weekend… seriously, too perfect!

  5. Hilde –
    I checked out Walter Van Beirendonck’s website, and you are exactly right! They could be twins. I wonder if he has tatoos? Maybe he’d like to use Mimi’s doll as a model… :)

  6. Hi there! I am a female tattoo artist from California AND a dollmaker. I just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE these dolls. I shall surely buy one in the future to display in our tattoo shop once it is in my budget! I love how old fashioned they look, like strongmen from the circus. I wrote about them and linked them on my blog- jttp://kaismart.com/journal.
    Beautiful work.

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  8. Wow, these are so amazing! I’ve never seen anything quite like them. I would love to own one. How do I find out about purchasing? Gorgeous details!


  9. i would be over the MOON if i had one of these delightful tattooed men! oh, the beard, the mustache! they’re all amazing and the detail is just outstanding. oh please please! i must have! how may i purchase??

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