New York trip

pictures out the train window-

1/14- leaving Boston

and into Connecticut-




to New Haven- where there was very little snow.

and then it was too dark for photos.

I will start with the most fun thing- On Tuesday afternoon, I visited the Etsy Lab– it was great! I was very unsure about the whole expedition, wondering if it was going to be totally weird, but everyone was very nice and welcoming. I guess what I should have done was to take photos of me with all the people that work there… but I didn’t. Instead-


this is what greets you when you come in the door-


A wall of artwork from Etsy people. I left an atc to add to the wall.

Outside the offices, there is a giant poster with everyones avatar… I couldn’t find mine and I did look for a while!


Other stuff I did- I went to the Museum of Art and Design and saw Pricked, Extreme Embroidery. There were a few pieces that stuck with me- one by Paul Villinski of wings made of gloves. Another by Shizuko Kimura that was sketches done with thread. Also, Andrea Dezso. I have a hard time getting past the fact that this used to be the American Craft Museum and they felt they had to change their name. Please!

Across the street is the American Folk Art Museum– I love that place! They have a permanent collection that I always enjoy. When I visit, I feel like I am seeing old friends. They are having a show that included some amazing papercuts. I’ve been seeing a lot of papercuts in the greater internet world and was primed to really enjoy what was on display.

On Wednesday I went to the Metropolitan Museum– which is totally overwhelmingly huge. I did find the costume show I was looking for, but I think I had to ask 5 different people and it took 20 minutes to get there from when I started out. Wow.

Also, lots of walking, people watching, window shopping, fun, fun fun. Oh, such tired feet!

And then home. This is Penn Station, as we were leaving-


and out the window of the train again-


And home again, very late. I think I’ve been catching up on the computer ever since!

6 thoughts on “New York trip

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  2. welcome back! sounds like you had quite a trip. how great the East Coast is that you can just zip off to New York by train for a few days. thanks for all the links…fun stuff! love the part about visiting the etsy office. must be a little strange to physically go into your “virtual store”.

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself – NYC is pretty awesome. It’s funny, I never noticed the Folk Art Museum and now I can’t wait to check it out!

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