market report

The marketplace yesterday was wonderful! Here is the booth-

Things were very busy at the beginning. Loads of great energy. Lots of friends showed up. There were some quiet times but mostly busy and fun. And it got colder. But no rain- hurray!

I got to meet Melissa of Yummygoods– we’ve been hoping to meet up for a while now and it finally happened. Here is a photo of the both of us. And one where she is, um, checking out the merchandise… o-la-la!

More photos of the Market here.

When I was getting all my stuff ready, I printed up these stickers to close the flap on the card sleeves. I liked how the whole sheet looked-

Here is my new product- magnet sets. I tried them out at the market yesterday and people seemed to like them a lot. They will be in my Etsy shop soon.

And, now that the Marketplace is over… Etsy Update! I made this mosaic of what I will be listing on Etsy this week- Tuesday, July 1 at noon. (and the magnets above). Well, except for the sepia pirate, on the left, 3rd row down. He has gone off to live in Belgium.

5 thoughts on “market report

  1. Mimi!!! I love seeing the dolls next to a person. They are so massive and lovely! The display is great, you are a true hero of mine!

  2. I love the way you displayed your dolls in the booth – genius! I just checked you shop, I had a 9am appointment today so could not be first at the gate. I didn’t see the tattooed gentleman in the stripes – is he still available?

  3. Love to see your work in public like that! Your display is delightful! I am sure people were perfectly enchanted when they caught a glimpse of your dolls. What fun to meet with fellow blogger! I love it when that happens.

    I have given you an award on my blog, because you are such an inspiration to me!!! I hope that you will accept the honor and play along! It is an easy award to blog about!

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