New York trip report

We had a great trip- short but I managed to get everything done that I really wanted to do and ignored what I sort of wanted to do. Long post ahead…

It was pouring rain on Tuesday- we seem to specialize in that weather when we visit NYC. Wednesday was foggy and drizzly and actually very photogenic. I’ll post more ny photos in a separate post.

I went to the Jane Austen show at the Morgan. I had read some reviews of it and was therefore not at all disappointed with how little there actually was. It was amazing to see the neat handwriting, read her words, see her scratched out and messy draft of a manuscripts. Little windows from 200 years ago. I am glad I got a chance to go.

When I finished at 37th St., I walked over to the Fashion District. I stopped into Tinsel Trading for a while, enjoying all the goodies and especially all the containers they put those goodies into- old file drawers, book shelves, thread racks- eye candy, everywhere I looked! Then onto M & J Trimming for some more notions overload. Everything is so delicious. You might find this hard to believe but I bought NOTHING! I went into both of the stores having decided that I would wander around and only consider something that jumped out at me, I was sure I didn’t already have, and I couldn’t get locally. So, nothing.

I continued downtown toward SoHo, on foot and by bus. By the time I got to Purl, I was in desperate need of a sit-down, a cup of coffee and a cookie. Luckily, they have those on Sullivan St.  Sometime a cookie can be a lifesaver or at least it seemed that way at the time!

I knew what I wanted at Purl- more of this Valdani embroidery thread. My new colors (including variegated- swoon!) will soon be put away with the rest of the embroidery threads.

But wait *Look what they just got in*

That is ALL silk embroidery thread!!! I couldn’t let myself go there- maybe next time. *Update- HERE is the link.*

Wednesday morning was spent back in the Fashion district- it is just so much fun to window shop. I spent some time at Mood Fabrics– I just had to see it live after watching all those Project Runways. There was a gaggle (giggle?) of little girls doing a class project while we were there- so entertaining to see a kindergarten class learning about fabric.

And then to Brooklyn and lunch at Etsy. So Amazing! I met up with Tara who did the Handmade Portrait last year. I got to meet everybody including- who knew- the Etsy dog! I think they told me her name is Dot… but I’m very bad at names so I might be wrong…

I got to see the quilt that my friend Kiki of All the Numbers was part of. Gorgeous!

There is so much energy, such a buzz at Etsy. The new office is beautiful. I left feeling very good about the direction things are going. Full steam ahead!

Now, onto the weekend and my next tiny world workshop. I’ve got to pack up some orders and go to the post office, clean the house and make my samples and here I am on the sofa… yes, time to get on that.

oh, so exciting!

I am at CHA right now. Here is the most exciting thing that happened-

The keynote speaker at the convention was Maria Thomas, the CEO of Etsy- speaking at 7:30 am (!) so we had to haul ourselves out of bed and over to the conference center very early yesterday morning. She spoke about social media, what it is and how to use for business and marketing.

I met her last March and so knew it would be an interesting speech. I sat in the front row. When she came on stage, she glanced over, saw me and said hi- I was so pleased. With all the people she must meet every week, I was surprised she remembered me. So, she is talking away, all very interesting, and this slide came up-

And she says, And these dolls are by Mimi Kirchner who is sitting right over there! I almost fell out of my chair! What a thrill! Really, after that, no matter what happens, this has been a great event.

When I get back home I will report on some of what I saw on the convention floor- in case you need a preview though, it is mostly a ton of scrapbooking related stuff. See you soon!

tiny worlds

Now that the market is past, it is time for catch-up in all parts of my life! There were a few things that I finished up at the end of last week that never made it to the blog.

I made 3 more Tiny Worlds-

This one looks like a cabin in the woods to me. I tried to give it a foresty look.

Very fancy cups can be a challenge to work with. This one looked like it needed a snow scene to mellow it out.

I sold one of these at the Market, but will put the other 2 plus the one I made for the pattern, onto Etsy later today.

handmade portrait

Are you wondering why I haven’t posted any finished dolls around here lately? Well, I got sidetracked. Last week I got an Etsy convo from Tara Young who does videos for Etsy. She does a wonderful series called Handmade Portraits and she asked me if I would be interested in being filmed for one. I thought about it for about 20 minutes- what would I wear, how could I lose 40 pounds in the next few days, is my studio clean enough, should I get a haircut… so many ridiculous worries- and then I said Yes, Of Course I’d be interested! I did a major cleanup in my studio and found enough floor space for her equipment. She arrived midday yesterday and we filmed all afternoon. She was back this morning and spent the day with me. Phew- exhausting!

Thanks (husband) Ben for taking some great photos!

We had a great time together and I think we both got a peak into the work world of the other. I don’t know when the film will be up, but I will definitely be posting about it.

and future plans…

well, only a few days in the future!

Another day at the Market!

Boston Handmade: a collection of Boston area artists, artisans, and craftspeople

More than 25 members of Boston Handmade will be exhibiting their craft and art at the SoWa Open Market on Sunday, October 12th, 10am to 4pm.

On view and for sale will be handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, housewares, art, photography, toys, sculpture, and more!

Boston Handmade promotes local independent businesses and individuals creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition handmade works in small studio environments, not factories

For more info about Boston Handmade visit

Boston Handmade Members exhibiting at this one-day event:
Blue Alvarez:
Christine Marie Art:
Elizabeth Brennick Designs:
Glamourpuss Creations:
K. Hawkins Photography:
Kirsten Bassion:
Lucie Wicker Photography:
Linda B. Dunn:
Lush Beads:
MaJenta Designs:
Mimi Kirchner:
Penguin Love Press:
Jessica Burko:
Sea Glass Things:
Yarn Obsession:
Stonehouse Studio:
Tactile Baby:
The Hole Thing:
thirteenth story:
Vintage by Crystal:

market report

The marketplace yesterday was wonderful! Here is the booth-

Things were very busy at the beginning. Loads of great energy. Lots of friends showed up. There were some quiet times but mostly busy and fun. And it got colder. But no rain- hurray!

I got to meet Melissa of Yummygoods– we’ve been hoping to meet up for a while now and it finally happened. Here is a photo of the both of us. And one where she is, um, checking out the merchandise… o-la-la!

More photos of the Market here.

When I was getting all my stuff ready, I printed up these stickers to close the flap on the card sleeves. I liked how the whole sheet looked-

Here is my new product- magnet sets. I tried them out at the market yesterday and people seemed to like them a lot. They will be in my Etsy shop soon.

And, now that the Marketplace is over… Etsy Update! I made this mosaic of what I will be listing on Etsy this week- Tuesday, July 1 at noon. (and the magnets above). Well, except for the sepia pirate, on the left, 3rd row down. He has gone off to live in Belgium.