trip report 1

I am back home and at work getting ready for the Boston Handmade Marketplace- and keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain on Saturday.

My trip report in several parts-

We drove down to Allentown, PA for a family event. I convinced my husband that adding a few more miles (hours) to the trip and 20 pounds of wool stuffing into the car would be a wonderful side trip…

So, actually, the first stop was the West Earl Woolen Mill in Ephrata, PA. This lovely woman told us that since last fall, the wool is Australian. It is “processed” (I think that means cleaned?) there and shipped to her for carding. At least I think that is what she was saying.

In Allentown I was very excited to see this green roof at a nature reserve we visited. It is beautiful!

Next, we drove up the Susquehanna River toward Ithaca, NY.

Along the way, I saw this- a bait vending machine. New to me!

In Ithaca, we relaxed, saw our daughter, walked along some waterfalls (here are photos from last year), and we ate at the Moosewood Restaurant.

I will post about rest of the trip tomorrow.

On other topics- I’ve been thrilled by some recent amazing internet community love- I discovered that I’d been mentioned in Small Magazine, but only when someone left me a comment and mentioned it! Isn’t this collage fantastic? I had a wonderful meet-up with Jan of Be*mused- I’ll write about that tomorrow. And, Claire’s note at the bottom of this post has me purring like a kitten. She was the first craft blogger that I found and she inspired me start my own blog… which opened up this whole amazing world to me!

Okay, back to work now.

6 thoughts on “trip report 1

  1. Welcome home! Awesome internet mentions! And I can’t believe you actually went to West Earl Woolen Mills! When I call there, is that who answers the phone? Oh gosh. I do love them so much.

  2. Oh congratulations Mimi! Your tattooed me look fabulous in the collage, they make it. And a detour for wool, you are my kind of lady!

  3. Mimi,
    The very next sheep I see shall get an extra pat just in case his wool ends up in one of your dolls.
    Glad they “process” it though. Its mid winter and all the sheep are very smelly hereeabouts.

  4. I’m surprised you were still standing by the time you got to Chicago! ;-)
    Have you always used wool stuffing for your dolls? I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen it recommended. (Funny vending machine…)

  5. Hi Mimi: Haven’t visited your Blog in a while. WOW you were in Ephrata PA ! My son works in Eperata and lives in Rothville (Lititz) We try to get down a couple of times a year. Now with the gas prices soring I don’t know if we’ll make it down this summer. Paul and Family were just here the end of June.
    I haven’t made it to West-Earl didn’t really know about it to tell you the truth. Do they just sell yarn? or other woolen items?
    I have been to Intercourse to some of the Quilt shops to buy fabric. Wonderful selections and prices are great ! You weren’t far from there on your side trip.
    You sound very busy these days. Miss seeing you and your new idea’s. Maybe in the fall I can make it to a meeting.

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