the rest of the pin cushions

for now at least… I am away from the studio. In Ithaca, NY actually. I will be back home next week, frantically getting ready for the Boston Handmade Marketplace.

Another tiki-

view from the top-

And a streetscape-

I thought this angle was interesting-

And a tiny pond-

These pieces will be coming to the Boston Handmade Marketplace with me. If they don’t sell, they will be on Etsy sometime in the week after that.

14 thoughts on “the rest of the pin cushions

  1. That cityscape, I love it! And the houses are fantastic! I can’t wait to see these in person!

    You have an eye for whimsy and your execution is spot on. Everytime I see something new from you, it’s like “Wow, I’m not worthy!”
    Seriously Mimi, you ROCK!

  2. all of them are darling, but I’m partial to the tiki. great face.

    on a side not, Ithaca is Gorges! It’s too bad it’s not warmer right now. getting in the falls and streams is the perfect way to cool off.

  3. What adorable pincushions! I love the pond the most, especially the little turtle! I adore turtles!

    Do you collect antique teacups to make your pincushions in? I got to a lot of lovely local antique stores when I’m bored, and what a neat idea it would be to start purchasing the poor unpaired teacups for pincushions! You’ve just inspired me! *furiously scribbles idea in sketchbook*

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