back to the studio

I’m liking this fortune. Enough of the pretending that I am going to clean my house, organize my studio and weed the garden. Not working makes me crabby and anxious. So, back to my cool, dry (air-conditioned) oasis. Ahhhhh!

I need to get my hands back to wool. I’ve put the toile and tattoo men to the side for a while.

I’ve got poppies and Luna moths on my mind.

5 thoughts on “back to the studio

  1. I know about what you mean when You need to get your hands back to wool. I’ m itching for that myself…no pun intended.

  2. That fortune is a keeper. I think I might need to copy it down. Words to live by, but all the better to get it in your cookie.

  3. I love yours dolls.I m from Argentina,Buenos Aires.I like your blog,always read it.My inglish is very bad,sorry.By

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