fairy photo

A treasure from my studio.

I don’t know what’s up with me these days. Well, actually I do, but…  hmph, anyway. What a summer. I have been having a hard time staying on task and finishing things. I’ve got a bunch of stuff started and several (many) dolls that are in the I’m-really-not-sure-where-this-is-going pile. I decide to do some studio shuffling with the idea of organizing or cleaning but mostly it is making things messier and makes me feel even more unsettled. So, in todays shuffling, I came across this photo. I found a large box of photos in a trash pile once. I found homes for most of them, but kept a few special ones including this one. I always wonder why someone scratched out the belt?

7 thoughts on “fairy photo

  1. Maybe she did it because maybe she had a belt buckle that professed her love to someone she didn’t love anymore? Very strange. I hope you settle your unsettled-ness.

  2. Haunting photo, in a way – look at her expression. And the scratched out waistline is intriguing; belt buckle from someone she wishes to forget is something I never would have thought; the fact of her being in costume makes me wonder at some sort of identification with the production she (or someone else!) wanted to dismiss. Lovely speculation. All best working through the restless stage.

  3. A pretty rhinestone brooch pinned to that photo would kind of finish it off, but I like the mystery of the missing belt too. Great photo.

    My workroom/dining room/computer area is out of control too. When E moved out it felt like everything just got tossed and dropped. I really need to buckle down and make it a workable space again. Good luck to you in your efforts! I do almost feel like I need a friend to help me- too bad we’re so far apart- we’d rock out the rooms in no time!

  4. I love her. I’m teaching my students about the Cottingley fairies this semester, so she was very timely. Thank you for sharing her!

  5. I think she’s a very clever fairy – in the days before photoshop could improve your figure she just made her waistline invisible so we wouldn’t see she’s been eating too many fairy cakes! t.x

  6. So many people I know are in a general funk and creative lull right now, including me. This photo is a treasure.

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