girl with buns

Another girl, another cashmere dress. I have been thinking about a little girl doll with these buns for 1 1/2 years. Finally she got to the front of the line.

I used the cuff of the cashmere sweater as the bodice.

The buns are made of felt beads.

And, since I know everyone wants to see- under the dress-

24 thoughts on “girl with buns

  1. Beautiful! I really love the hair – so clever. I have been using some of that pom pom trim (meant for trimming curtains and cushions I think) to make funny little pom pom / bun heads for dolls. I love your twisted fleece (is it?) – great :) Lovely colours too.

  2. Mimi, I love this doll! She is one of your best ever. The hair is genius and the contrast of the green dress with the red stockings is gorgeous. Brava!

  3. This girl is really wonderful! All the details are fabulous. It’s really beautiful doll.

  4. the hair…oh, my, the hair! you are so very clever, mimi!!! i am so happy that she was finally “born”, and i think that she may very well be my most favorite doll of yours yet. :)

  5. The hair! Oh my…that stitching around each of the little buns slays me. It’s so realistic. The colors you chose for the dress and the tights are so pretty too. Lovely, just lovely.

  6. heehee…i didn’t even know i wanted to see under her dress until you told me i did :)…we all seem to be in agreement…that hair is the best!! and clever you using the cuff as bodice…I’m always learning something here.

  7. Oh my, this one is soooo cool. She is my favorite of your dolls I think, along with the sad one! Just absolutely adorable! Love her hair style and dress – oh well, every thing!

  8. Mimi, her hair is WONDERFUL. I’ve done dolls with buns like this before and never once did it occur to me to embroider “the rest” of the doll’s hair. Brilliant!

  9. Your dolls are simply incredible. This one is so beautiful….i love her hair.
    So happy to stumble across your work.

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