market report

mine, not all that bad news over on those other kinds of blogs.

The weather was perfect, I met some wonderful people, loads of positive feedback from visitors and other venders, and I sold some stuff.

Here is my booth on Saturday morning when I was at the end of the row and my booth was open on 2 sides-

The second day I tried out a slightly different set-up when I was in mid-row and only open in front-

I guess it doesn’t look that different but little changes and tweaking are part of the fun. I LOVE my banner! I think it made the whole booth look better. Another big excitement- I got it all figured out to take credit cards. WooHoo! The Big Time!

I gave away enough of my Moo cards that I just placed another order. That’s a good sign. I always dread the tizzy I get into when prepping for an event like this, but once I’m there, I am reminded how great it can be. I will be back in the South End on Sunday, October 12.

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  1. i’m so curious to know if my friend Bonnie found you! you met her in Providence when we last got together…i love your whole booth…it’s so inviting.

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