more tiny world pincushions

I got a few done for the market. And more not quite done- housing futures…

A snowy hilltop.

That tiny snowman was fun to make. And here is the back-

I call this one Big Flowers- inspired by my amazing sunflower crop this year.

and the back-

This one, with a white house, sold.

I will be doing an Etsy update tomorrow (Tuesday 9/23) around 3 EST. I will list the 2 pincushions and 2 girl dolls. Also, some more magnet sets. Sorry, no tattoo men right now.

21 thoughts on “more tiny world pincushions

  1. Oh too funny. I was just looking at my Blue Willow teacups and saucers the other day. I thought that they’d make perfect Mimi little house pincushions. And here just a day or two later you show us some. They’re adorable!

  2. OH just beautiful. Love that snow capped tree! It’s those little details that you do so well that bring your work alive!
    I have no idea what is ‘3 EST’ in relation to british summer time, but I’ll keep looking! (I have to have a clock on my igoogle page so I know when to ring – and when NOT to ring my friend in NC.!) t.xx

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  4. Hi Mimi, these are gorgeous! Such tiny intricate detailed little worlds… I wish I could live on top of a hill, with nothing all around but a tabletop far below… ;-)

    Good work!

  5. I just love your pincushions! I finally got some cute antique teacups, but I have yet to start on making any pincushions of my own. Do you glue the fabric into the cup, or is the pincushion a removable piece that’s stuffed?

  6. I found your site through Melissa’s link. These teacup treasures are adorable! Love the little white house with trees – it looks like Provence or Tuscany. Thanks for brightening my day!

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