goodies from a past project…

Yesterday I received a package from Ellia- of Green Bean Baby fame. The Paperbag Swag project continues on! It was my package of swag. Is there anything better then a surprise package in the mail, stuffed with goodies?!

There are the pieces of projects, yet to be made- papers, buttons, vintage fabrics-

Such yumminess- I really have to make some more fabric postcards- I am feeling inspired!

But the best part was the personal gift part… and these are on top of the book pages she already did for me! Look at these fantastic magnets-

Swoon! Now the dilemma- hog them to myself up in my studio where I could stick them on my metal desk, or risk them in the kitchen where they might get *gasp* dirty… hmmm. Thank you Ellia!

2 thoughts on “goodies from a past project…

  1. awww i am SO GLAD you liked them!! your dolls are truly adorable and beautiful! whenever i see them, i wanna do them in cut paper :) they are inspirational!! enjoy all the goodies and thank you for you tremendous amount of patience :)

    big hugs to you!!!!

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