9 thoughts on “desk- 1/8/09

  1. The Mr. Peacock interview was great! And so good to see so many gentlemen together, and to see them without their innards! As always, I’m ga-ga. I hadn’t really seen (or closely seen) all of those men, and the hair really got me this time. And the faces. Beautiful, Mimi!

  2. Also, I must say, I love Mr. Peacock’s blog! I’ve just begun going back in time to get to know him–just what I needed, another fascination!

  3. Mimi
    The gift from Tracy with the buttons and embroidery is wonderful (I too love buttons) I am really curious about the colorful wall hanging just above that. What is it?
    Connie Turner

  4. so are you able to gather up enough teacups?

    your year in review is astounding! it’s incredible to see all at once the number of dolls you created last year.

    happy new year mimi!!

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