nyc report 3- purl

Next stop- Purl in Soho. You know, purl bee in real time?

I !LOVE! this store- it is so pretty and inspiring and they have all kinds of goodies that look so tempting to try. The glow from the window works like a magnet on me! Above is the fabric store- Purl Patchwork and below is the yarn store.

And, lucky, lucky me! I had a gift certificate!

I felt like a kid in a candy store. I binged on felt- 100% wool in beautiful colors. They sell bundles– 8 selected colors, 8 x 12, gorgeous… how could I resist. It’s like having that new box of crayons or the new paint box- such perfect colors! I also picked out some of the bigger sheets and one piece of the hand dyed woven wool. But that’s not all! I’ve been meaning to get a copy of Jane Brocket’s book and there it was- perfect, onto the pile. And then to finish it off, some pearl cotton in my favorite colors- I’ve never seen them before and can’t wait to try them. Underneath it all is a canvas bag which I will happily be carrying my projects around in. Everyone can be jealous that I got to shop at Purl!

8 thoughts on “nyc report 3- purl

  1. I’ve been drooling over their felt offerings…and your photo isn’t helping, Mimi!! We’ll be waiting to see what wonderful magic you work with that gorgeous selection.
    I’ve been to Purl several times, but not recently…isn’t just so charming?!

  2. Oh that felt looks so yummy! I’ve never been to either shop, (road trip!), but I have read about them both and they look wonderful. So much inspiration.

  3. I order from Purl a LOT. I love their fabrics, for little quilts, and have been using that embroidery thread- it is great.

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